Pittsburgh Geek Night the 57th

My Geek Bookshelf (2006-06)

My Geek Bookshelf (2006-06), originally uploaded by zefredz.

Geek Night is a highly informal bimonthly gathering of people in the Pittsburgh high-tech industry. There is no dress code and no cover charge. Show up anytime after 5:00pm, and leave when you feel like it.

When: Thursday, February 7, 2008, 5-9pm and later
Where: The Church Brew Works at 3525 Liberty Ave in Lawrenceville
              (geeks gather in the back section of the bar area)
How much: FREE

RSVP: email rsvp @ pghgeeks.org

Details at the Pittsburgh Geeks website.

3 replies on “Pittsburgh Geek Night the 57th”

  1. Fact 1: Those books aren’t mine. I found that photo on Flickr; it just seemed pleasantly geeky without being insulting.

    Fact 2: I think at least some of them are in French. I am of course a multi-talented individual, but I don’t read French well.

    Fact 3: A quick count shows that I have at least nine O’Reilly books, plus a bunch more on web design, web usability, web standards, and the like. I need to update my LibraryThing list and get a widget somewhere on this site.

    Fact 4: I really, really need some bookshelves.

  2. Darn. I was going to ask how you liked the “Programming Ruby” book.

    There is no such thing as sufficient bookshelves. I’m thinking about bringing some O’Reilly and other technical books to Geek Night to attempt to give them away.

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