The amazing sliding launch date

slip/sliding wheeee!
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January has started with a flurry of work activity for me, so the much-anticipated launch of the new My Brilliant Mistakes will have to wait until next week.

If you’ve been over to the construction site, you’ll have seen that the new site looks a whole lot like this one, at least as regards layout, graphic identity, and color scheme. The changes are mostly behind the scenes, switching from this old MoveableType system to the most recent WordPress. Big win: better comment spam control.

Beyond that, the whole thing will be easier to manage, and most importantly it will be easier and faster to update, so I’ll have more time to create content and will be able to inform you of every brilliant mistake I make.

I’ve been rethinking blog site design as well though, and being on WordPress will give me a chance to experiment with how a blog home page can be set up, what’s useful in the sidebar(s), what visitors respond to, and more. Long-time blog readers have become accustomed to the "one big content column, one or two jammed sidebars" layout, but I’ve long thought it’s confusing for new readers and not an optimal use of screen real estate. So while the site will initially look much the same, more changes are coming down the pike.