The soft open

Open, originally uploaded by o2ma.

I’m still working on this new version of My Brilliant Mistakes, but enough of the old content is ported over for me to start using it for real.

There’s still so much to do on the old site, and if I think about it too long it weighs me down. Three more years of posts to review and repair. Links to fix. Image paths to update. Over 600 redirects to set up.

I’ll work on it in drips and drabs, in between setting up the fun new things here. I’m most excited about a new style of home page — more composed, with not just recent blog posts but also other types of featured content.

For now, please update your bookmarks, blogrolls, and feedreaders to point here. I’m settling in to stay.

2 replies on “The soft open”

  1. I know — what a dummy I am, eh?

    And here I was wondering why my traffic stats were down. I have set up redirects for the last year’s worth of posts from the old site to the corresponding pages on the new site, and I’m gradually working my way backward through to the beginning. And I had updated the Feedburner feed to point to the new stuff.

    But for anyone who used the original feed, it must have looked like I’d fallen off the Earth. I hope no one had given up for good.

    Thanks for coming back!

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