This machine kills Fascists


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Strange coincidence:

On Wednesday, on his terrific blog about arts and culture in Venango County, Dittman posted a link to a t-shirt with a graphic of a guitar and the words "This machine kills fascists."

I thought, "Neat graphic. Don’t know what it means, but interesting."

Meanwhile: I subscribe to the New Yorker. Usually I get through each issue within two weeks of receiving it, but a few years ago I fell behind and a big pile built up. I’m gradually getting through them.

So it happened that today, I was reading — an article about Woody Guthrie.

Here’s the paragraph that connected the dots for me:

Once Hitler ventured into the Soviet Union and Stalin joined forces with the Allied powers, Guthrie became patriotic; he supported the United States’ involvement in the Second World War and pasted a hand-painted sign onto the front of his guitar: "This Machine Kills Fascists." He kept it there after the war, in reference to another target: the cultural power brokers who, in his view, oppressed folk artists by rewarding sleek professionalism.

I’ll guess that most people who reference this slogan — especially those who buy the t-shirt — are unaware of either of these meanings that Guthrie ascribed to it. To people today, it seems to mean that music can be a tool for striking back against the powers-that-be, especially governments but also corporations.

It’s good to remember what Guthrie originally meant when he painted this on his guitar, and to see the layers of meaning he and other people have added to it over the years.

3 replies on “This machine kills Fascists”

  1. I remember seeing that guitar at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame after having had that photo above as a poster in my dorm.
    I’m not a real “sensitive” type, but it gave me chills – I do think that art can be a tool against cultural hegemony, but it often isn’t….
    Anyhow, thanks for the kind words…

  2. I’m glad you posted this. I really admire woody guthrie, but i never really knew what the meaning of the phrase was. Once i found out though, I had to write it on my own guitar,
    Woody Guthrie was an amazing person.

  3. I’m doing a report on Woody Guthrie and I thought that the art on his guuitar ment that he wanted to strike back against the government’s past wrong-doings and that he, as an influence to his listeners, wanted to make a difference. I never thought that that’s what he ment….

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