Idle crush

Eric Idle competes in the competition for Upperclass Twit

Over at One-Woman Show, Susan has asked everyone to admit to their long-ago celebrity crushes. One of mine in high school was Eric Idle of the Monty Python troupe.

Actually, I was sweet on all the Pythons, but Eric was probably my favorite. Surely I was drawn to the combination of hair, sideburns, and suavity. Say no more!

Here’s a lovely montage of Eric Idle bits from the Python era. You might also enjoy something from post-Python days: The FCC Song. (Note: May offend those with delicate sensibilities, especially the FCC.)

Eric has kept himself busy in recent years, with solo tours and other projects. One of those projects seemed to be pretty popular:


3 replies on “Idle crush”

  1. I never got into Monte Python, but that picture! What can I say? Very appealing in a gopherish sort of way. I think I may have been single for too long.

  2. Upper Class Twit. :D Forgot the rest of it’s name. I have it too somewhere. I don’t know if it would be on Disc one, thru 8. I’m sure it’s on there though,, somewhere.
    I’m a giant Fievel Mousekewitz fan,, so naturally, I know that John Cleese did the voice for the smart cat.
    It I had a crush on any of the pythons, it would be John.. But Eric would probably come in second. I would have to say,, Michael would be on that list too.
    As a matter a fact,, I agree with you. Nearly all of them would a part of that list..

    Fieve… ;-) :-) (Fievel Mousekewitz..)

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