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A friend sent around an email:

There is a new book out called 6 Word Memoirs by Writers Famous and Obscure. Some samples are:

Steve Colbert – Well, I thought it was funny.

Elizabeth Gilbert – Me see world! Me write stories!

A.J. Jacobs – Born bald. Grew hair. Bald again.

And the very strange Amy Sedaris – Mushrooms. Clowns. Wands. Five. Wig. Thatched.

I wonder what each of ours would be.

The book is actually titled Not Quite What I Was Planning: Six-Word Memoirs by Writers Famous and Obscure. Amazon has a little video with additional examples of six-word memoirs — entertaining.

My first response was that I don’t feel ready to write a memoir yet — so much in process, so much to do, and so little overall clarity to what I’ve done before. So I wrote this memoir:

Not finished. Please wait. Thank you.

Then again, that makes it seem like I’m in stasis when instead I feel like I’m in constant motion. More to the point, I am constantly moving from one thing to the next. So I came up with this:

Ooh, interesting! I’ll try that too.

I’m sticking with that one. (For now….)

What’s your six-word memoir?

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  1. It’s tempting to borrow from the Godfathers song:

    Birth. School. Work. Death.

    Two problems with that, though — I’d need a couple more words and I’m not dead yet.

    Hm. I’ll get back to you…

  2. Knows it all and forgets everything. (Describes knowing me, but not being me.)

    Late to class. Slept. Then learned. (A more accurate account.)

  3. Nicely done, everyone! It’s interesting how tempting it is to write a motto rather than a memoir. Of course it’s hard to sum up something while it is in progress.

    Vanessa: Yes, a contraction counts as one. I’m not sure what the rule on hyphenated words is, but I’m inclined to think a hyphenated word also counts as one, which could allow for some interesting memoirs.

  4. These are great. I agree – it’s hard to write about your demise when yo are not looking forwrd to it. As of now, mine remains:

    Had fun. Had kids. Now what?

    However in the end, maybe:

    Not bad for a Kittanning boy.

  5. Although I tried to come up with something brilliant and prophetic, alas, it should come from the heart… So here goes…

    Margaritas with friends make life enjoyable.

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