Let’s be penpals!

Snail Mail - Jan 29

Snail Mail – Jan 29, originally uploaded by dearbarbie.

A short time back, I wrote a post in which I invited you, Dear Reader, to send me a hand-written (or even typed or word-processed) letter or postcard, with the reward that I would write back in kind.

So far, no one has taken me up on this project.

In case you would like to be my penpal but can’t quite work up the strength to be the first to write, here’s a new way to start: Put your name and mailing address in the little form below. Send it to me, and I will then take on the task of starting our communication.

You must then write back in kind, in as timely a manner as possible. If you do not, I shall never forgive you.

You may include a question if you like; I will answer it in some manner, although perhaps not the manner you expect.

OK? Go!

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4 replies on “Let’s be penpals!”

  1. Erich: I did receive them, but I don’t think there was a letter enclosed was there? I didn’t realize that was intended for the hand-written letter project. (Also, I don’t think you provided a return address.) Send me your address with the form above, and we’ll try again.

    Uncle Crappy: Hooray!

  2. I am looking forward hearing from you I’m Isaac a Ghanaian. I speak and write English, French and a little
    bit of Spanish . I need you as a penpal you can email me at opokuisaac@yahoo.com . i am a friendly person,
    and i can tell you more about my culture. please email or write to me on P.O.BOX GP 20314 0r P.O.BOX 18178 all
    of Accra, Ghana.

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