The barman sketch


I’ve been a longtime fan of Hugh Laurie. He’s such a wonderfully charming fool in Jeeves and Wooster, and he’s brilliantly nasty in House.

This weekend I’ve been watching episodes of A Bit of Fry and Laurie, a sketch comedy show he and Stephen Fry did on the BBC in the late 1980s and early 1990s. It follows a bit in the footsteps of Monty Python but adds several twists, including musical numbers (mostly by Laurie).

The clip above highlights Fry and Laurie’s impeccable timing.

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  1. The only “english” series we would get in India in the mid to late eighties were BBC series in one of the two state run TV channels.

    It was only a few years later I realised that what I watched was the creme of the crop. Sherlock Holmes (With jeremy brett); the afore mentioned Jeeves and Wooster; Yes, Minister; Yes, Prime Minister; Mind Your Language; Fawlty Towers; Are You Being Served?; Bodyline etc.

    I could have easily made VHS tapes of all (OK, some of) the series (given the repeats that the state TV channels would air), but I dismissed them. Now, I pay upto $25 for a season of one of the series. Oh to have your youger years back.

    And House rocks!!

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