“Awakening the Goddesses Within” lecture series

My friend (and client) Madhu Wangu will be giving a four-part series of lectures entitled “Awakening the Goddesses Within” at the Northland Public Library.

We will discuss how major Hindu goddesses are outer reflections of the
dormant powers within women. The powers Carl Jung called archetypes.
The knowledge of the behavior patterns and personality traits of these
female divinities provide women tools to understand themselves and
their relationship with other men and women. We will argue if women
have such powerful inner forces why do they continue to follow
stereotypes. We will attempt to take the goddesses out of their
patriarchal framework and discuss how these archetypal forces are not
just for Hindu but for all women.

Hindu goddesses are exemplars capable of inspiring all women
irrespective of their religions affiliations. Self-knowledge leads to
self-awareness and self-awareness to a better life.

This is a perfect topic for her to cover. She has written several books on goddesses and Hinduism, and she holds a Ph.D. in Religious Studies from the University of Pittsburgh.

Find out more about the lectures and about Madhu at her website, Spirituality Sparks.

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