Sazerac FTW!

Long-time readers of this site know my affection for the Sazerac, that classic cocktail of New Orleans. Rye, Peychaud bitters, a bit of sugar, and a dash of anisette combine to make a lovely glass indeed.

A Senator of Louisiana is about to embark on a campaign to have the Sazerac declared the official cocktail of Louisiana.

Here’s the email I wrote in support of this effort:

Dear Senator Murray:

I’m given to understand (via Intoxicated Zodiac) that you are about to undertake legislation that would make the Sazerac the official cocktail of the state of Louisiana.

I have not had the pleasure of visiting your fine state. I am a sorry Northerner. But I have looked with reverence toward Louisiana as the birthplace and home of many fine traditions — I am a great friend of jazz, for one.

More specifically, I am a fan of the Sazerac cocktail, which reports say was born in New Orleans. To me it is an ambassador of the Crescent City and Louisiana on the whole. A fine ambassador it is too.

I encourage you to promote this cocktail to this new honor. I wish I were a voter in your state, but if the opinion of an outsider matters, I thank you for your attention.

Warm regards,
Cynthia Closkey

I know many of my readers consider themselves to be light drinkers — no hard liquors for you. That’s cool. The thing is, I also know many of you appreciate the allure of the cocktail, the atmosphere that surrounds a well-made drink, and a unique drink. Each cocktail has its own appeal, its certain sensibility, its character.

The Sazerac combines sweetness and sass, a little mystery, a hefty kick, and a sublime aura. I can’t claim to a personal connection with the state of Louisiana, but for me the Sazerac presents the persona of that state in friendly, liquid form.

I encourage you to try a Sazerac, and to support the drive to name it the official cocktail of Louisiana.


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