Item #28 in which I know famous people: Jim Burke is a long-time family friend — his dad grew up with my dad, and his parents were married the same day my parents were married.

Jim and his wife Kristina have created a terrific restaurant in Philadelphia. The restaurant is James, and today Food & Wine magazine named Jim Burke to their 2008 Best New Chefs list.

I don’t visit Philadelphia nearly as often as I should — I somehow manage to hit Detroit and Cincinnati about once a year, and NYC every other year or so, but Philly less often than that. I had the distinct pleasure of dining at Vetri in Philadelphia a few years back, when Jim was sous chef (I think — hopefully they’ll tell me if I’ve got that horribly wrong). It was one of the great dining nights of my life, with phenomenal food and wine and company. I couldn’t ask for more.

I look forward to having the same (or better) experience at James on 8th. If you’re in Philadelphia, please take the time to enjoy Jim and Kristina’s hospitality at James on 8th.

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  1. Love the design on that site. I clicked over to Jason Varney’s photography site that was credited…wonder if my “lifestyle” would look that gorgeous captured by his lens.

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