Road warrior

Headlight Morning Glow

Headlight Morning Glow, originally uploaded by seanmcgrath.

Quick trip out to the eastern part of Pennsylvania for me, a little reminiscing and reconnecting with extended family, and then a speedy jaunt back home tomorrow night.

Right now I’m in the lobby of the Montgomeryville Comfort Inn. My room is at the far end of the top floor. Back a few years ago that would have been my preferred room, because it’s far from noisy elevators and ice machines. But these days, it’s also the room with the worst wi-fi reception, and therefore like Siberia.

So right now I’m in the brightly lit lobby, perched on a coach and enjoying a very strong signal; not enjoying whatever bizarre commentator is on the TV. I have to put the final touches on a proposal that’s due Thursday.

There’s a strange exhilaration is being able to connect to all my regular resources (files, email, project management site, etc.) while sitting in an empty lobby in the middle of Pennsylvania. What amazing times we live in.

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  1. I feel your pain! That lost and out of touch with technology feeling you have in your “Siberia” room is how I feel when I go home to visit. The unfortunate part is, I have to drive 20-30 minutes from my parents’ house in order to obtain the comforts of wi-fi when I visit. :) On a separate note…have I mentioned how much I love your photographs?

  2. Thanks! I hope it’s clear that I don’t take all these gorgeous photos. I find them on Flickr, and then Flickr lets me embed them in my posts. I’m more an editor than a photographer. You can click any of the photos to see it’s originating page, and from there jump to other pictures by the same photographer.

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