Awl da peepz luv teh kittehs


Today I gave a talk to a conference room full of business executives, to give them an overview of social media and blogging and to help them start thinking about how this Brave New Web will affect their business. In the course of this — kind of in passing — I showed them the I Can Has Cheezburger? website.

I started to explain the site, but about five words in I realized I didn’t have a clear way to describe it, what with ceiling cat, Lolspeak, and all the other context that makes this site what it is.

But even without my managing to explain or even describe the site adequately, I could see that, after they’d looked at about five pictures, several of these high-level executives were hooked. I know they were, because it was just after we left that website for the next topic that someone asked if they could have a copy of the presentation, with its links. 

That’s the power of LOLcats. Resistance is futile.

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  1. I just had to explain about ceiling cat and basement cat to my mom a few days ago. “Who comes up with this stuff?” she asked. “Mom. It’s the internet. Don’t ask.”

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