Penguin style

Hossa and Crosby

I’ve been curious about  the beard style that Penguin captain Sidney Crosby has chosen for the playoffs. Others on his team have gone for more of a full-face look, while Crosby is sporting a slim mustache and chin beard.

I think I may have found his inspiration: 


IMG_2610, originally uploaded by cyfer13.

I have to say, it’s a notable look. A little strange, but it grows on you.


(Marian Hossa and Sidney Crosby photo from the AP, grabbed from the Post-Gazette.)

5 replies on “Penguin style”

  1. Suddenly I feel fear that Sidney Crosby will come across this post, and that if I should later meet him (because Pittsburgh is not a big place), I will have to apologize for my teasing.

    Let’s start now: I kid because I love, Sid! Honestly, the beard looks great!

    That speckly mustache though — that’s got to go.

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