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Some time back, I participated in a tequila tasting. It was quite enlightening and great fun — not just because we were sipping at quality tequilas at 11am on a Monday morning, but also because we had a perfect guide in the person of Gene Mangrum, the Director of the Ministry of Culture at Mad Mex.

PeterB, the organizer of this worthy event, has written up a concise report on the shenanigans: “Cinco de Agave.”

Trago Hidalgo/ chinge su madre el que deje algo.

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  1. We’ve had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Mangrum twice — once at the North Hills Mad Mex, when he was breaking in a new manager, and before that at a Three Rivers Arts Festival show at Point State Park.

    Based on that first experience — a concert by moe. — I can say this with complete certainty: Gene Mangrum is a total hippie.

    Let me be clear: that doesn’t exclude Gene from his current position, or from his expertise in the fields of beer or tequila. If anything, it probably makes him even more credible…

  2. Out in Vegas these two guys next to us at the bar ordered shots of some expensive tequila. How expensive? $75 a shot. While it’s true I don’t like tequila, I think it’s fair to say that’s loco.

  3. By the way, not that there was any particular reason for me to be sipping on tequila. It just would have been much better than work. Maybe I should just bring a sampler set and stash it in my desk here?

  4. Uncle Crappy: He didn’t give off a particularly hippie vibe, but I can totally believe that. And I agree it makes him even more credible.

    Mean Gene: That’s some pricey tequila. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen any drink that expensive, other than the Martini at the Algonquin Hotel that has a diamond in it.

    Susan, sometimes I wish it were still standard business practice to serve Bloody Mary’s at morning meetings and to have a wet bar in the executive office. And other times I remember that, if I did, I would get a lot less done.

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