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A bit of technical help needed: I have a DVD of family films from decades ago. They were originally Super 8 films that my dad had; I took them to Tom Graham of Frames and Pixels, and he put them all on DVD for me, and worked with me to edit them into sequential order. (All for an extremely reasonable price.)

There are some entertaining bits in there, including brief footage of me, aged 1, dancing in front of the television while watching The Monkees. OK, so maybe they’re entertaining only to me and a few others. Still, I’d like to get them online to share.

How to do that? I have the rights to the footage, just need to know the steps to clip a bit of video from a DVD and bring it into iMovie.

If you can offer guidance, please comment or send me an email. (See the Contact page.) Thank you!

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  1. OK, OK. You should’ve just asked… Here’s what I would do. And since I know you’re on a Mac, you can do it, too. Download MPEG Streamclip from http://www.squared5.com. It’s an all around great FREE converter/transcoder and will let you pull Quicktime files from the DVD, setting your ins and outs. Had I known you wanted to place them online, the best thing would have been to save the original QT files rather that converting back and forth 3X. Use the H.264 codec if you have it available on your Mac. It will give you the smallest file size with the best quality for uploading to your favorite video sharing service. Good luck!

  2. Thanks, Tom. I didn’t realize when we made and editing the video that I’d want to put any of it online. That surely would have been most efficient. But, given the situation, I’m glad there’s a way around it.

    Thanks for the details — with luck (and a little time of spare time to work with) I’ll be able to put clips of a tiny little me online soon.

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