That healthy glow


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The saying is that “Horses sweat, men perspire, but ladies merely glow.” If this is the case, then I’m no lady, because I’m one sweaty individual.

To stave off thirst on this hot, humid, very sweaty day, my beverage of choice has been filtered water with a bit of Bragg’s organic apple cider vinegar. The vinegar gives both a bit of tang and a bit of sweetness; being unfiltered, it also makes the water look like it came straight out of a pond. But once one gets past the funky appearance, it’s quite refreshing.

According to the bottle of vinegar, it’s also helping to remove toxins, promote digestion and pH balance, and promote a youthful, healthy body. If all that’s true, then maybe if I keep drinking this stuff I will glow after all.

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One reply on “That healthy glow”

  1. I have some Bragg’s because I bought it on a “take 2 T. after dinner and boost your metabolism” impulse. Not sure it’s done squat for the metabolism, but I daresay I kind of like it. Weird.

    I find it hard to believe in this weather any woman would only glow. I was invited to the Pirates game today by a business partner. I walked to the game and back to work again late in the p.m. Let me tell you, people were backing away from me in the elevator and I definitely was doing more than glowing!

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