A pair of BlogFest sonnets

In my email today, I received the following verse:

Cyn Closkey with your hair all rosey-red
Please tell me of the next new blogfest’s date.
The time as well must get inside my head
For me to be there on time and not late.
I’ll drink a beer or two before I leave
And chomp a pomme frite if my heart so dare.
I promise not to drink so much I heave
For puking would cause pity and despair
A chat with Inner Bitch and Sandwich Mike
And you, of course, the time I’m quaffing ale
A room all blogger full I can’t dislike
I’ll be there this time, promise!  I’ll not fail.
            Please tell me Red; oh tell me date and time
            To miss a blogfest is a heinous crime.

Carlos the Mackerel

 Here is my response:

Dear Carlos Mack’rel, wise and funny guy,
How right you are to query on this point,
For nearly three months now have passed on by
Since last we gathered all to rock the joint.
The summer days, though long and bright and hot
And seeming endless now, grow short again.
Cool Autumn looms. You must think we forgot
To tell yinz where to gather; also when.
In June, we BlogFest planners planned a date,
And all agreed. Then ev’rything went wild.
We were so busy, and that made us late.
I blame it all on Woycheck’s brand new child.
            The date we’ll tell you soon — be patient, sir!
            First we must check the room’s reserved for sure.

Look for an announcement about the next Pittsburgh BlogFest very, very soon. (Sorry for the wait.)

5 replies on “A pair of BlogFest sonnets”

  1. Blogfest
    At Joyce’s pub
    See Cindy with her red red hair

    A “blogfest” cinquain

  2. I checked, and it looks like I’m opted-in for emails from Pittsburgh Bloggers. A quick search through my mail indicated that I’ve never gotten a blogfest announcement. *scratches chin* Maybe my spam filter is eating those.

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