Don’t forget: BlogFest 15 this Friday

Pittsburgh BlogFest 15 is marching up to us — or we’re marching up to it, depending on your views of the passage of time. You’ll join us this Friday (5:30pm at Finnegan’s Wake), won’t you? Details are here as well as here.

Mysterious local poet Carlos the Mackerel sent me a new poem in honor of the event:

Bloggers’ Fest, or a Vision in a Happy Hour. A Fragment. (with apologies to Samuel Taylor Coleridge)

Three days hence, we’ll meet and drink
Near Pirate’s cove, at Joyce’s pub.
We writers all, though none in ink
Blogging what we bloggers think,
      We’ll talk – aye, there’s the rub.
Some blogs, some beers and cocktails fine
We’ll talk bout yours, we’ll talk bout mine.
We’ll discourse on the signs in Mary Worth
And chat about the Politics of Hope.
We’ll snark on the casino’s near still-birth
And wonder why the mayor is such a dope.

No doubt he’ll bring the rest on Friday. (No pressure, Carlos!)

See you there!

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