Cover a band this weekend in Pittsburgh — free tix, great music

I’m late in posting this cool opportunity, but with luck you’ll still be able to take advantage of it. This info comes from our stylish and delightfully hip friend Sarah Madia:

There is a band called the Bloodsugars coming to play Brillobox this Saturday night in Bloomfield. The label is looking for bloggers (social media types) to cover the event. They have a guest list for the concert. The band is from NYC and they are really good. They are playing with Good Night States which always brings a crowd.
Shows typically start at 10 PM at Brillobox.
If you are interested, please contact Caitlin Pasko to be added to the guest list. I don’t know if photography or video is permitted. You will have to ask her. Also, you will have to set up with the label if you would like time to interview the band. I have included the band’s press release below. [Ed. Contact Caitlin at the address below for a copy of the press release.] Please use the press release and photos from their website in your media – you have permission from the label. Please forward this opportunity to your friends/contacts.
Grab photos here:
Check out their music:
Concert is Saturday night at Brillobox
Want to be on the guest list? If you are covering the event, here is the record labels contact info:

For Guest List Spots at Brillobox + Other Press inquiries Contact
Caitlin Pasko @ Engine Room Recordings
Email Caitlin at engineroomrecordings dot com, or call 212-941.5657

Here’s a description from the press release:

The Bloodsugars stand apart from other "indie dance rock" bands with their intelligent songwriting and arrangements. Anyone who has ever played an instrument can immediately pick up on the tremendous technical aptitude showcased by all four members.  The band is so tasteful in the implementation of their abilities that it’s easy to simply escape into the beauty and excitement of the songs, without being conscious of how meticulously sculpted they are.  Mixed by the highly accomplished Dan Hetzel (Jennifer Lopez, Blondie, Ginuwine), each song is equally as unique as it is instantly accessible.  The Bloodsugars consistently manage to squeeze enthusiasm out of the most jaded scenesters, surprised to hear dance music that engages their minds as well as their feet.

I like what I hear in the song in the above video — and it’s cool to see uber-chef Mario Batali and his Crocs making a cameo. This should be a great show, whether you feel like promoting it or just going to enjoy the music.