Ready for some football

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Football season has begun, which means that fantasy football season has also begun. Again this year, I’m competing in the Pittsburgh bloggers fantasy league, now named the Yinz League.

My team includes Ben Roethlisberger, Randy Moss, the New England Defense, and a pile of other guys. I have players in the running back and TE positions, but I have little hope for them.

In general, it’s not a great team. Nonetheless I’m completely crushing PittGirl in this first week, thanks to Houston having no defense to slow Roethlisberger down and Randy Moss working well with the backup QB in New England.

Does a fall weekend get better than this? A gorgeous sunny afternoon, the Steelers winning, my fantasy team winning, and the prospect of a whole season ahead. Sweet.

2 replies on “Ready for some football”

  1. Norm, I was quite hoping that your #1 draft pick would ensure the success of my #1 draft pick, Randy Moss. Randy did reasonably well with Brady’s understudy this week, but I feel sure he’d have done better with the man himself.

    Still, it’s only week 1. Lots of football yet to be played.

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