A post a day keeps the doctor away

A few times today, I told people at PCPGH3 to try writing a blog post every day.

It’s an interesting discipline. When I’ve blogged daily, I’ve posted some rather boring stuff, but I’ve also created more interesting and unique content.

If you’re interested in trying the post-a-day practice, the perfect opportunity is just a few weeks away: NaBloPoMo.

National Blog Posting Month is the epicenter of daily blogging! People who want to set the habit of blogging by doing it every day for a month, including weekends, can come here for moral support, inspiration, and the camaraderie that only marathon blogging can provide.

You don’t need to do anything special to join in (other than post every day), but if you want to connect with others who are NaBloPoMoing, visit the NaBloPoMo and join.

Then let me know you’re in, and I’ll follow your adventure through your blog.

13 replies on “A post a day keeps the doctor away”

  1. Forgive me if any mistakes are noticed while reading this: I’m partially writing this to break through a small bout of insomnia, as the time code will no doubt show.

    I’d really like to join this, and it would be interesting to do, but one thing concerns me: Thanksgiving. I’m headed out of town for the holiday weekend, and will not be able to post on the day each and every day…although I could post ahead, or even back to compensate.

    I’ll think about it. Bad news is that I’m on Livejournal, and in order to get to the good stuff you have to friend me, since I have “eyes only” entries…

  2. Chris, you get to make the rules for how you will spend the month. Some people choose to post every day, and not allow themselves to post ahead or catch up. Others (many, many others) either post ahead, catch up, or both.

    So decide how you want to do it, and make it happen.

    I think I have a Livejournal account. You might also consider making your posts on Facebook, or on the NaBloPoMo site.

  3. Chachi, this is going to be grand. I’m glad you’re in.

    Andrea, you’re well on your way! My favorite NaBloPoMo posts are often the 11:58pm posts, in the very last minutes before midnight when inspiration at last appears. Good times to come.

  4. OK, I’m in. I’ll make sure that it’s public posts, though, but I’m doing it through Livejournal.

  5. I’m definately in, too. I’m hoping that the push to post each day will help me with my daily word count for NaNoWriMo. This might blow up in my face, but my strategies for the past two years have been fraught with pitfalls. Try and try again!

  6. Oh…How did Norm and Dawn get in there before me??? I was linking to Chachi’s blog and reading his posts about Podcamp. ;-)

    HouseForlorn’s in for the daily rant…er…post (nobody, person or house, can rant like Dawn!). Some may take the form of Chogger comic strips or HFR podcast listings, but I’m shooting for daily november posts either way. :-)


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