All hail the small, furry warrior

Squirrel armor

Pitbull Armory, an amazing website, also offers metal and leather armor for humans, horses, and dogs.

But I think you’ll agree with me, and with squirrels everywhere, that the squirrel armor is pretty wonderful.

(Link via I Let My Fists Do the Talkin’.)

UPDATE: I have explored Pitbull Armory further. Now I’m undecide about which is more delightful: the fact that there is such a thing as squirrel armor, or the fact that the women’s armored bra with visible nipples is the "Cold Steel Bra."

But why choose between them? They both demonstrate that the world is an amazing place.

4 replies on “All hail the small, furry warrior”

  1. This guy dropped the ball a bit with squirrel weaponry. They can’t use tiny broadswords, duh! Here’s an opportunity to create original designs for creatures without opposable thumbs. Strap the sword to his claws or tie a whip extension to his tail. And how’s about a spike on that skull plate? Make it work.

  2. I love it! Knowing the WMS guys as I do, I can only picture Sorg and Chachi yelling “Get off my nuts” to the squirrel who is ready to defend his treasure.

  3. Hi guys thank you for the good words and interest. I like the idea of the spike on the squirrels head… I made the animal armor for fun and im glad other people are interested in it.

    Have a good week


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