Blogging on the edge

Pittsburgh at Night

I’m honored to be guest-blogging at Keystone Edge for a week. My first post is online: "It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood."

You’ve not heard of Keystone Edge? Well, it’s time you did hear.

Keystone Edge tells the story of the new economy in Pennsylvania–a narrative of creative people and businesses, new development, cool places to live, and the best places to work and play.

They have a different guest blogger each week. So far, the focus has shifted between the larger cities in the commonwealth: Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Harrisburg. My posts today and tomorrow have a Pittsburgh bent, but I want to work in the small town vibe too. Look for that next week.

In my post I wrote about the Neighborhood Walk that will happen on November 11.

I have been terribly lax in promoting this fun and interesting event, so let me put in a bonus plug: read about the November 11 Neighborhood Walk and start planning now to set aside a little time next Tuesday to walk around your neighborhood taking photos or shooting video or writing, and then to post that and show off the place where you live.

UPDATE: And (very important) please blog about the Neighborhood Walk in the days leading up to it — let’s see how many people we can involve in this.

(Photo credit: Pittsburgh at Night, originally uploaded by brunkfordbraun.)

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