Hope to see you all again next time!

I Voted

As it happens, I’m pleased with the results of the presidential race. I’m also relieved that the legislative and executive branches will probably not be held by the same party, since that seems to be bad news in the long run. (Scottsweep corrected me, in that the Democrats do have control of both houses of Congress, although not filibuster-proof. So that’s unfortunate in my eyes, in that I’m leery of any party holding all the cards — it never turns out well.)

More than that, I’m excited at the overall voter turnout. At my polling place, the volunteer I spoke with said they’d had many first-time voters, which rather surprised me because my town’s population seems to be slowly and steadily shrinking.

It’s too early for a full count but early reports say that several states had voter turnouts of 70% and higher. "The hard-fought swing state of Ohio was on track for an 80-percent voter turnout, according to the secretary of state’s office."

What will this mean in the long run? Will next year’s "off-year" election have a higher-than-usual turnout as well, with all these new voters returning to have their voices heard?

I suppose it depends on what is happening in the world when the next election day comes around. No matter how well the government does, no matter how hard they work to restore strength in the economy, I feel certain we’re in for a tough few years, and that’s likely to mean backlash against those who will be in office next time around too.

I congratulate all those whose campaigns succeeded — and I’m sure glad I’m not in their places.

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  1. There’s no question that presidential elections are important and worthy of our attention. But municipal elections — like those that take place in Pennsylvania in 2009 — are when we elect the people who fix our roads, hire our cops, run our schools and set our proerty taxes. Those elections deserve the same attention — if not more.

  2. Danielle: It’s sure a big improvement. I believe this is also the third presidential election in a row in which the voting numbers have increased instead of decreased.

    Uncle Crappy: That is an excellent, excellent point.

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