The best blog without an RSS feed that you may not be reading

I love mimi smartypants.

She’s on Diaryland, which seems not to have discovered feeds or comments or many other widely-used blog elements. One signs up to receive email when new posts are posted.

Those are emails to which I look forward with great anticipation:


am actually excited about going back to the office, because I am in the
middle of a required online sexual harassment “refresher course” and it
is so freaking AWESOME. I keep getting interrupted with real work, and
then I count the delicious minutes until I can go back to it. The
sexual-harassment-refresher company did not want to spring for
streaming video, so what you get is a series of hilarious still shots
of actors telling dirty jokes in an office setting and other actors
standing around making exaggerated “oh no he DIDN’T” faces. Of course
there is also the tedious interactive portion, where you have to choose
the “correct answer” to whether it is appropriate to grab ass, mock
foreign accents, call the secretary “sugartits,” etc. But the
overacting and the cheesy set-ups make it all worthwhile, I seriously
love it. Thanks, HR! You’re the best! And did I mention your booty is

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