The most useful material in the world

Yet ANOTHER use for Duct Tape...

I heard there’s a Winter Storm Watch in this area tonight and tomorrow. Typically this means there’s a mini-run in the storms on toilet paper, bread, and milk.

While those are all very good items to have in case of emergency, I always think people should buy duct tape. In a real emergency, duct tape would be very useful: sealing up cracks to keep out the cold, repairing things, and so on. In a pinch you can make clothes with it.

As I looked for an image to accompany this post, I discovered the photo above, which was taken last December. Another canny use of duct tape!

With all the corporate restructuring that’s bound to happen in the coming months, big companies had best start stocking up.

(Photo credit: Yet ANOTHER use for Duct Tape…, originally uploaded by Derek Farr ( DetroitDerek ).)

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