A child’s view of Worsley’s

I’ve been scrambling to wrap up projects for work before the holidays and the end of the year. My apologies for the light posting here as a result.

Here’s one of the things I did: It’s a short promotional video I created as part of Butler Downtown, a revitalization effort for my town. Each month, we feature a downtown business, and this month our featured business is Worsley’s. Worsley’s is well-known for selling hardwood furniture, paints and wallcoverings, and other home items; but they also have an amazing collection of toys, dolls, and games. My niece loves it there, so we decided to take some photos and make a little video.

Are you ready for super-cuteness?

I figured I’d note which toys she liked and buy the one she loved most as her Christmas gift. She loved so many that it didn’t narrow down my choices much at all.

Also, did you note that Barbie is friends with Frankie Sinatra, the Star Trek crew, and Rhett Butler? That girl knows everyone.

We’ll resume the Kooky Christmas Countdown this weekend; prepare yourself for massive doses of strange and wonderful holiday music.

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