Kooky Christmas Countdown: #25 and #24

It’s past time to start the My Brilliant Mistakes version of an advent calendar, our annual music countdown. This year the theme is "Kooky Christmas," and we’ll be highlighting strange and wonderful music of the season.

Number 25: "Santa’s Beard" by They Might Be Giants

What could be more appropriate to the season than a tale of infidelity and betrayal? They Might Be Giants included "Santa’s Beard" on their 1989 album Lincoln.


Number 24: "Christmas Wish" by El Vez

Poor El Vez. His baby went away, "one year to the day," and he wishes only for her this Christmas.

This would be a fairly standard, sappy song with a sarcastic twangy guitar and mournful vocal — except for the sound effects. You have to hear it for the sound effects: Click to listen to "Christmas Wish" by El Vez.

I found this track on Starbucks Hi-Fidelity Holiday, a special release from about a decade ago. This CD is a treasure-trove of strange Christmas music. We’ll be coming back to it through the month.


There may well be stranger Christmas music. Do you know some? Share in the comments.

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