Ready for any closeup

Today I made a little light tent, for closeup photography. I needed it for a client’s product photo — usually our clients have their own product images, and when they don’t I’m more than happy to refer them to a professional photographer in the area. But this was such a simple little job, and we needed it in a rush.

Plus, I was itching to try out the DIY $10 Macro Photo Studio I’d seen on Lifehacker — they’d initially mentioned it years back, and again recently. And goodness knows I need a better solution for shooting little things for this site, like cocktails and whatnot.

The project was simple. The box I used is a basic U-Haul cube (from my last move, nearly 10 years ago, still sitting in the garage with unused ski clothes mouldering in it). It’s perfect for most small items. For lights, I used some old lamps that previous owners had left in the house when I bought it. I bought the tissue paper at Target (since everything I had on hand was red or green for holiday gifts).

The product photos are clear and nice, and while the light color wasn’t
ideal — due to my using those incandescent lamps — Photoshop heped me
fix the colors and brightness easily.

I was so pleased I decided to celebrate with a Bijou cocktail.

Here’s my fab, oh-so-cheap-and-good macro photo setup:

Expect more and better closeup photos in future.

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  1. Wow. That cocktail pic came out great. I’ll have to tell my girlfriend who makes glass bead jewelry. She always struggles to get quality shots of her pieces.

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