Add to your reading list: “Reconsidering Happiness”

Cover of Reconsidering Happiness

My friend Sherrie Flick has written a novel, and it’s now available for the world to enjoy.

The book is Reconsidering Happiness. Here’s the summary from the publisher:

The two silent Ss of Des Moines beckon twenty-three-year-old Vivette with a sexy finger, a promise. So, in the mid-1990s, she convinces Grandpa Joe-Joe to sell his Buick for twenty dollars, leaves behind her friends, her job at a hip New England bakery, and an affair with a married man, and moves to Iowa. Margaret, who left the same bakery years earlier on her own restless quest, offers pointers from her cautiously settled Nebraska life.
In a story of lust and longing, love and loneliness, disappointment and desire stretching from the East Coast to the West, these two pioneering women navigate through secrets, lies, decisions, and compromises shared over pool tables, postcards, and shots of whiskey. Starting up, starting over, slowing down, they crisscross each other’s lives like highways on a map, always escaping, flying toward a dreamt future, and trying to avoid the charted course.

I had the chance to read the first few chapters a while back, and I’ve been longing for the book to come out ever since.

You can check out an excerpt on Sherrie’s website, then visit the University of Nebraska Press site to order a copy.

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