My best decision of the year thus far was choosing to go in for a share of weekly vegetables with the Northwest PA Growers Co-op. Fresh, organic veggies every week = delicious.

I’m typically not a great eater of vegetables and especially not of salad, but what I’ve received has been so beautiful and flavorful, I’ve turned over a new leaf. (Hah!)

Plus, the fact that they’re pre-paid forces my penny-pinching side to bully my lazy, non-cooking side into using them before they wilt and rot in the fridge. So, I’m eating greens and getting roughage, and feeling grand in all ways.

Last week’s bag included red cabbage, as apparently did every other bag from every other local farm share in western Pennsylvania. On Twitter, @SandyU mentioned a salad she was making with red cabbage and ginger, so I asked for the recipe. I made it today, and the above is the colorful, flavorful result.

The recipe came to @SandyU via email from her farm co-op, so I share it (and my notes) here with you in the spirit of good eating and good sharing. If you know (or are) the originator, plus say so in the comments.

Red Cabbage Salad with Ginger Dressing

Combine 4 c. shredded red cabbage, 1 c. shredded carrot, 1/2 c. minced parsley (which I had but forgot to put it), and 2 c. finely sliced green onion (I used much less, and it was plenty onion-y).

Grate or mince 1T fresh ginger and squeeze out the juice in a garlic press or similar. (This was too much hassle for me. I grated the ginger really fine and used it as is, no squeezing.) Combine ginger juice with 3T lemon juice, 1T honey, 4T sesame oil (I used 2T sesame plus 2T extra-virgin olive oil), salt to taste, and toss well with shredded vegetables.

Toast 2T sesame seeds in dry heated skillet until they start to pop. (I used them cold, as I was getting very hungry.) Sprinkle these atop the salad. Mmmmmm…. (That was my reaction exactly.)

As Sandy noted to me, this makes a whole big bunch of salad, and lasts a few days. I expect the flavor will continue to improve, plus the cabbage will soften a bit.


(Photo credit: photo, originally uploaded by cynthiacloskey.)