Music for an international mixer: “Une americaine a Paris” by Rupa & the April Fishes

With leaders of the twenty largest economies, their assistants and entourages, worldwide news media, and demonstrators and protesters of all stripes converging this week on Pittsburgh, life in this region has begun to feel a wee bit tense.

OK, more than a wee bit. So far there have been people hanging banners from bridges, march permit applications ignored or revoked, windows boarded over, Pittsburgh businesses and schools closed for the rest of the week, personal friends of mine pre-emptively called up from the reserves to help quell any violence, and lots and lots of people looking anxiously about.

I wish and hope that whatever happens could end up like this video.

Une americaine a Paris

The band is Rupa & the April Fishes. This song nicely fits the description of their music being an “enchanting mix of chic French nouvelle vague, rousing Latin alternative grooves, energetic Gypsy swing, and dreamy Indian ragas.” That’s something we’d like to see in Pittsburgh this week I think.

Qu’est-ce tu pense, qu’est-ce tu pense?
C’est histoire.