Kooky Christmas #14: “Be-Bop Santa Claus” by Babs Gonzales

Digging into some jazz for number fourteen in the Kooky Christmas Countdown:

“Be-Bop Santa Claus” by Babs Gonzales

A Visit from St. Nicholas,” the poem by Clement Clarke Moore, has inspired many a kooky reading for entertainment-type purposes.

One that I particularly enjoy is Babs Gonzales‘s version, “Be-Bop Santa Claus.” It’s laden with fifties-era stereotypes, but it’s sweet at heart. Babs himself was primarily a scat-style vocalist in jazz’s bop period, recording with many Blue Note artists. There’s no scat in this number, but it gives us a taste of his rhythm and wit.

Find this tune on the essential compilation Hipsters’ Holiday: Vocal Jazz & R&B Classics. Or just grab the MP3, Be Bop Santa Claus.

Have a crazy cool Christmas! But don’t get knocked out.

Next up: From kooky to whacky.