The angels are weeping

There’s a new blog post by me on the Pittsburgh Symphony blogs, “Lacrimosa dies illa.” It’s about the wondrous performance of Mozart’s Requiem I heard Friday at the PSO.

I like to post photos with my blog posts, as you know, and I typically find lovely images at Flickr. For this PSO post I started out looking for a photo with the tag “requiem,” and eventually came upon a nice image of a memorial to Mozart.

But then I had the inspiration to search for “+weeping +angel,” and this produced many interesting images. I loved the photo I eventually chose most, although I was drawn to “Angel of Grief” with its sweeping wings. This is apparently a common pose for crying angels.

Fans of the latest incarnation of Doctor Who will appreciate many of these photos as well. Here’s the one you’re probably most interested in.

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  1. Maybe it’s a psychological ploy and he is trying to scare you away from your grief? I don’t know anything about Dr. Who, however.

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