New kitty

I adopted a new kitty. He’s gradually making himself at home.

New Kitty is sad he can't get the incumbent cats to play with him

In the last few days, he’s made significant progress in breaking down the resistance of the other cats. They now can all eat in the same room, and Sammy (the grey cat) doesn’t hiss every time she sees the new cat.

Stalking Sammy

He’s a hilarious little being. I haven’t had a kitten before — at least, not since I was a wee one myself — and I’m surprised every day by his unending energy and his ability to turn anything he encounters into a toy. He also makes the funniest sounds. He doesn’t “meow” or even “mew.” The noise he makes is more of a squeak or peep.


I still don’t have a name for him. I’ve looked for princely names to suit his apparent sense of entitlement and slight obliviousness to the concerns of others — Prince Hal is the closest so far — but I’m not sold on that. Suggestions?

Official portrait

6 replies on “New kitty”

  1. Awwww. He is such a cute little entitled thing. I want a black and white cat; I keep trying to talk Jeff into a 3rd. I”m going to use this blog post as a selling point.

  2. The Knights Templar carried a piebald standard into battle that they called the Beauseant, and, as the kitten is black & white, just call him ‘Beau’.

    Then, everything he does can be a Beau Geste, Beau Travail, &c.

  3. AWWWWW.

    Black and white kittens do seem to be extra-full of evil, speaking from personal experience.

  4. He looks like one of mine! Slightly different face shape, though. Love that spotty haunch.

    So, what have you ended up calling him?

    I rarely address my cats by their names, since it’s not as if they’re going to come when I call, but I do talk to them stupid often, so they have tons of nicknames. Both cats are, generically, “Bunny,” “Sweetheart,” and “Peanut,” but Interrobang is often “Handsome” or “Good dog!” and lately I’ve been addressing Ampersand as “Precious” or “Prosh,” à la Cute Overload.

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