Giving thanks

Dinner is resting, originally uploaded by cynthiacloskey.

I’m hiding in my parents living room, trying to be away from any of the too-loud TVs and the too-busy kitchen and the general too-much of my family telling each other better ways to do whatever it is they’re doing.

My task for our holiday meal was procuring and cooking the central element, the turkey. I had reserved an organic and locally-grown turkey from the Northwest PA Growers Co-op earlier this year, and so we will be enjoying a nice, wholesome bit of poultry.

The roasting being done, my dad has taken over the preparation, performing his customary carving.

As much as I’m chafing at how we all trip over each other and offer unwanted advice at every turn, I’m glad to have my family near and to lead such a rich life that my biggest complaint is that I’d rather the turkey were carved differently.

May your life be as lucky as mine.

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