Hanging out with the awesome crowd

Last week I had the great pleasure of being the guest on the AwesomeCast podcast — and not just a guest, but the first female guest on the show.

We talk about the real life effect the disasters in Japan will take on our shiny gadgets, especially the iPhone.  Is Apple losing it’s hold with crazy cooks like Sony spilling it’s beans? We ponder if we would pay $30 for a movie before it’s on DVD, and just how awesome could the technical aspects of Zediva really be?  Library ladder anyone?

Fun behind-the-scenes fact: In the video, when you see Chachi on the screen, you can also see a monitor of me int he background. You’ll notice I’m frequently looking down and to my right. This is because one of my cats decided that a live video call was the perfect time to try and sit on my lap and get attention; I spent the hour keeping her quiet and out of camera view.