Yesterday I went exploring, trying to find a trailhead for the Butler Freeport Trail. According to Google Maps, it should be here:

Trail head

It seemed like a likely place, so I started walking. I crossed train tracks, which seemed less promising — it’s hard to ride a bike across train tracks — but maybe that part of the trail isn’t finished yet.

And then I was stuck. There was a path on the other side of the tracks, but not a wide path. It looked very like the one-person paths we used to walk on in the woods behind my childhood home, which were not in the least bit official and whose actual location varied a bit from month to month and year to year. But I decided to give it a go.

The path led into a bit of forest, and then passed by a cleared area, which seems to be a homeless hangout. The men sitting there didn’t look up as I passed. I kept walking for a while, up hills and down gullies, and eventually I decided that, while eventually this may lead to some kind of trail, it doesn’t quite yet.

It is a pretty interesting place for a walk though.

Train bridge