Max the mighty indoor hunter

Cats sleep all day and then have lots of energy to hunt at night. If you don’t give them some way to burn off that energy, and to obey their instinct to hunt, they take it out on you while you’re trying to sleep.

So every evening, I spend some time playing with my cats.

I spend as much time as I can, but it’s never enough for them. They are terribly difficult to wear out — especially Max, the young one. Because there more than one cat, the other can catch their breath and get a second wind while one is playing, so it’s a lengthy process.

You’ll note there’s only one cat in this video. That’s because the others are hanging back, waiting for Max to get tired. Note too that he’s not at all tired, and in the end actually pulls the toy out of my hand.

The lighting in this video isn’t good, so you may not be able to see Max’s coat very well. It’s still pretty patchy.
balding Max 

And yet, as much fur as he’s lost, he still has bundles of energy.