If you’ve been reading this blog to monitor my health and the progress of my lingering cold/cough/lurgy, I have good news: I am feeling much, much better.

Yesterday was the first day in weeks that I felt I could go for a proper walk, beyond getting out for scheduled meetings and commitments — indeed, it was the first time in a while that I wanted to go for a walk. I chose not to do so, though. I’ve felt a bit better in the past, got myself up and out, and quickly destroyed the little bit of endurance and recovery I’d gained.

Today, since I was feeling yet a bit more energetic, I thought I might be ready for a limited bit of exercise. 

Hand weights

And I really do mean limited. A few minutes of marching in place and no-impact aerobics, some squats and push-ups, some stuff with hand weights, a couple of crunches. No multiple sets, no complexity, only light weights or no weights.

I felt great. Not a cough did I make, no need to sit and rest.

The trick, of course, will be to continue with this kind of gentle build-up of activity and not lunge ahead and cause a relapse. I trust, dear Reader, that you will hold me accountable and scold me roundly if I go crazy and get myself all worn out. And for that I thank you in advance.