The musical handyman

This evening, the guest performers playing with the Butler Symphony Orchestra for their concert titled “Jazz” were Joe Negri and his trio.

Joe’s a well-known and uber-talented jazz guitarist, and an exceedingly nice person. He soloed on a number that is a signature tune for him, an adaptation of Rimsky-Korsakov’s Flight of the Bumblebee. Here’s a clip of him playing it with the Wheeling Symphony.

If you’re of the same generation as me, you may remember Joe Negri better in another role: Handyman Negri on Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood. 

I couldn’t find a clip online of Handyman Negri, but I did find this bit from another children’s show, which I’m guessing to be from the late 70s. You’ll want to watch it to see Joe Negri play various styles of jazz on some gorgeous guitars, but also check out the little kids air guitaring along with him. Rock on, little kids!

UPDATE: My good friend David DeAngelo sent me this link to a lovely clip of Handyman Negri and Daniel Striped Tiger singing about how hard it is to wait: