Peacock out for a walk

This evening I babysat my niece for a couple of hours. We used the time profitably, going for a short walk to a playground and figuring out how to use Vine, the twitter-centric video app. 

My niece is a budding videographer at her young age, and she loves every kind of video tool, but most especially those that come on iPads and iPhones.

We had fun playing with making 6 second videos, looking for potential subjects and using mostly ourselves, the cats, and her Peacock toy. Then we watched some videos others had made and happened upon this one of a hungry animated sofa. Niece asked how that was done, so we set about making something closer to a stop motion video of Peacock. The video above is the result, and it was made entirely by Niece, with no help from me after setup. Pretty terrific, eh?

It turns out that Niece is enrolled in a stop motion animation class in the next few weeks in Butler County community College’s Kids on Campus program. I’m so happy to know there’s such a class for elementary school kids, and even more happy Niece will be in it.

Peacock has a busy summer ahead, I think.