I estimate that this Loewe silk jumpsuit costs about $500. Five hundred clams to look like a total dickhead. elysesewell: makeup looks, designer clothes, ladypose, lunch Are you following Elyse Sewell’s Livejournal of high fashion modeling, food, and sarcasm? If not, it’s time to start.

Long John Silvers’ fish sandwiches declared the best in show for Fast Food Friday. Get ’em while they’re greasy!

Doug (aka Father Spoon of Should I Drink That) has been reviewing fast food fish sandwiches throughout Lent, and he says he has found the Holy Grail at Long John Silvers . I can’t say I’m tempted, although as a child I was a big, big fan of their fried clam dinners. But if you’re […]

You will love it

"Here’s why you should vote: you are going to really love it, the whole strange procedure. You get to walk right into a building that you would never normally be allowed in, often an elementary school. You can pause in the hallway to look at all the weird school-art and feel the eerie vibe of […]

Aww. Also, ooh!

Check out the Chumby — a device for watching internet content. I predict these will be very popular among the masses. Also, they’re extremely cute — nice form factor and design. Link via Unbeige by way of Murketing.


Is the unfortunate presence of Liv Tyler in this summer’s The Incredible Hulk balanced out by the tremendous combination of Edward Norton and Tim Roth? We won’t know until summer. The clashing Hulks look promising though.