How technology is changing classical music — part 3 of my conversation with the composer John Adams

The third part of my interview with John Adams, the PSO’s Conductor of the Year, is available on the PSO blogs. In this segment, John discusses how new technology has affected the way music is made, music itself, and the business of classical music. Read part 3 here. I’m posting this interview over several days, […]

Colder than a ticket-taker’s smile

A Plurk conversation today: Stevi Deter on KUOW, they actually said the forecast for today was “relentless rain”. Cynthia says more media should offer emotional weather reports. The rain, the rain, my god! the rain. plord says must now listen to Tom Waits: Excellent thought. But why just listen when you can also watch?

I answer five questions — and there are more pictures of hats

Over at the aptly-named Thoughtful Riot, Will Rutherford has been interviewing local social media creators to find out what makes them tick. Today he posted his interview with me. If you’re curious about when and how I started blogging and why I keep at it, go read and all will be revealed. If you’re a […]