Hidden assets

Yesterday I wore a skirt I bought from a travel clothing catalog. I have to be very careful when perusing these catalogs, as they induce in me visions of wandering through the streets of Rome or St. Petersburg, wearing comfortable yet stylish shoes and dark, internationally-styled clothing that magically never wrinkles. In these visions I […]

Unexpected bonuses

I bought my house from a woman who was moving into a nursing home. I never met her; rather, I dealt entirely with her son, who was taking care of her affairs because she was incapacitated. When I moved in, I found a number of items that had been left behind because they were too […]

I have no willpower

Updating my earlier post: I couldn’t wait. I started looking through the user manual, and when I saw that iTunes was on the CD and it has all the song-management stuff and hot-synching built in (yeah, I should probably have noticed that when I ordered the thing, but I just figured if it didn’t come […]

It’s a new day, a new site

I’ve decided to take a new tack in blogging — more original writing, more personal observations, less of an emphasis on small business news. (Not that I was executing on the small business news & recommendations as planned anyway….) The old name didn’t seem appropriate for this new direction … which makes it a perfect […]