I have no willpower

Updating my earlier post: I couldn’t wait. I started looking through the user manual, and when I saw that iTunes was on the CD and it has all the song-management stuff and hot-synching built in (yeah, I should probably have noticed that when I ordered the thing, but I just figured if it didn’t come with I’d find software somethere), anyway, when I saw it was all right there on the disk, waiting to be installed, I lost the remaining bit of self-control.

The first album I downloaded, incidentally, was The Botanic Verses by the March Violets, which I acquired only recently. The second was Sitting on the Curbstone by my friend Helen Casabona. She’s another former NeXT employee, so there was an Apple connection.

And then I went to the iTunes store and bought a bunch of stuff. It became immediately clear that I’m going to need to set and hold to a budget or I’m going to spend a fortune.

And given recent displays of my thorough lack of personal restraint, I’ll be homeless within three months.