Intro to Social Media Workshop

An event this next weekend, organized by PodCamp Pittsburgh: Heard of blogging, but not quite sure what it is or how to do it? Ever wonder what goes in a podcast and how you would listen to it? Heard about Facebook, MySpace, and other websites but not sure where to even start? The organizers of […]

Pittsburgh BlogFest 13

Get ready for the next round of that fine festivity we call the Pittsburgh BlogFest. BlogFest is an informal and friendly quarterly gathering of local bloggers, vloggers, podcasters, and anyone who enjoys life on the Internet. It’s more happy hour than meeting: No talks will be given, no credentials required. There may be nametags, but […]

Saturday: BootCamp PGH

Why I’ve not been blogging these last few weeks: I’ve been helping organize a terrific event that will happen Saturday. To wit: BootCamp PGH is a free one-day, immersive "entry level" workshop designed to educate students, small businesses and corporate communications professionals on the power and possibilities of new media. (That is, blogging, podcasting, social […]

Something To Be Desired

Some nice press in today’s Post-Gazette about Pittsburgh’s own web-based soap comedy, Something To Be Desired: "Something To Be Desired," or "STBD" for short, is a hybrid of sitcom and soap opera. Its characters live in Pittsburgh and mostly work at a fictional radio station –WANT-FM — which is going quickly down the tubes. Their […]