Love is like a rock

Esquire magazine will publish a list of “cities that rock,” and they’ve ranked Pittsburgh number 1.

The Tribune Review talked with people in the local music scene. Naturally, everyone’s pleased and hoping that this will lure young people to the ‘burgh. And everyone’s also a little surprised — or more than a little.

I’m curious to see the criteria that Esquire used in setting the rankings. It’s great to have Pittsburgh mentioned so prominently, but I have trouble imaging how it outranked a city like Boston, which has an amazing rock legacy and a thriving community today. Pittsburgh is often skipped by major concert tours, and several clubs seem to turn over yearly, leading me to believe that the audience is fickle.

On a side note, the Trib article mentions that Rosebud will be reopening in April under new management. The new name will be The World. It’s a great venue for seeing bands (except for parking, but whaddaya gonna do), and being in the Strip it’s easy to reach from north of the city. The club’s opening is just in time, as Club Laga will be shutting down next month.

(Links via Pittsblog.)