Pittsburgh-area bloggers, unite!

The Post-Gazette has a nice feature today on blogging in Pittsburgh. They explain blogging pretty well. They also mention several interesting local sites, although they fail to provide links to any of them.

Fortunately, the article mentions Tube City Online (UPDATE: OK, so TCO isn’t mentioned after all … I’m not sure how I found it. I must have been on a mad clicking frenzy. Just lucky, I guess.), which maintains a list of Pittsburgh-area blogs. Compared to the blog circles in NYC or San Francisco, the ‘Burghian blogosphere looks laughably small. The situation isn’t helped by the Tube City list being incomplete: no Inner Bitch, no Pixel Stupor, no Brilliant Mistakes. (Inner Bitch has a more thorough blogroll of local blogs than I do: check it out.)

I’m sure we’d all benefit from a focused blog collective, like NYC Bloggers. I’ve meant for some time to search out local blogs, and this seems a great occasion to start.

UPDATE: Bill Toland, the author of the Post-Gazette article, emailed to say that the links in the article have now been activated, so one can hop directly to the blogs mentioned therein. I see also that the PG website is featuring the article on their home page, in the “Hot Picks” column. Nice exposure for everyone involved.